How To Fix Loading, Crashing, And Connection Problems Of Pogo Game? Sep 24th, 2017   [viewed 68 times]

Pogo games are run inside the web browser and rely on the many factors like a computer, version of the browser, Java, and Flash that are essential to run games properly. In case these programs do not work together or not updated, you may encounter problems like the game will not load, runs slow crashes mid-game and much more. If you are also troubled by one such issue then no need to worry as pogo customer support is available for you, else walk through below-given steps to fix these problems.

Step 1: First of all, check your computer and software

To quickly identify the most common issues, use Pogo's Compatibility Scan tool. It guides walks you scan your computer as well as provides the optimal solutions for any errors or issues that the scan finds. Run the scan again to see if the errors are gone or not after troubleshooting the errors. In case of the problem still, persists continue with the following steps.

Step 2: Check Your Game uses Flash or Java

First, identify your game runs on Flash or Java. A user can effortlessly check by reviewing the lists of Flash and Java games on Pogo.


Follow the steps found in our java guide, for loading or crashing issues with Pogo games based on Java. After this, you should clear your browser cache.


Follow the steps found in our Flash guide, for loading or crashing problems with games based on Flash. Now, you should also clear your browser cache.

In case you are still troubling with the same issue, then call on toll-free Pogo game support number 24/7 to get experts’ advice to fix these types of issues with ease.